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Vol. XLVI, Issue 5

May 22, 2020

President's Perspective Gene Battistella

by: Gene M. Battistella, DO


One single word can encapsulate so much meaning to each of us.  We each, I’m sure, rely upon our own family as our center and source of strength and inspiration, now more important than ever during these unprecedented times of social distancing, travel restrictions and shelter in place associated with the COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic.  As Osteopathic Physicians, we are quite fortunate to have our POMA Osteopathic Family to similarly support us professionally and fraternally as well.  Whether we are on the frontlines of the pandemic treating patients infected with COVID and their families or discussing with them the most accurate and timely information to educate and comfort them, POMA has continued to strive to be the source of this information for our members in our weekly COVID Updates, our monthly newsletters Under the DOme on legislative and advocacy affairs and this POMA Newsletter, all provided via multi-media platforms including traditional email, social media and our webpage. POMA is truly an exceptional association working together for the benefit of our members and patients. In that regard, I was so proud, honored and humbled to be inaugurated as the 109th President of POMA virtually earlier this month.  Following my predecessors to foster and advance our rich tradition of Osteopathic philosophy and care in Pennsylvania, and to continue on with this legacy is a responsibility I plan to collaborate with you to accomplish, including working towards solutions to issues we may face and achieving the goals of POMA and those of our members.

Just such an example of what our POMA can do is exemplified in the recently completed Virtual POMA Clinical Assembly attended by over 1,450 Osteopathic Physicians.  Attendees and faculty interacting on open chat forums for discussion in real time during the virtual lectures, while obtaining quality, affordable and pertinent education timely to our present medical needs was quite extraordinary to witness.  Due to the unique circumstances of the pandemic, the undertaking of converting this complex and expansive educational conference to a virtual format in just over a month by our dedicated and talented POMA Staff and the Clinical Assembly Committee for the benefit of our POMA Osteopathic Family remains to me amazing!

Our POMA Board of Trustees also meet virtually conducting the business of POMA to ensure the continued progress of the Association.  Community, Communication, Education and Influence/Advocacy, the Four Pillars of our POMA Strategic Plan, continue to be enacted upon and advanced for the benefit and welfare of our POMA members and ultimately, our patients.

In closing, the following is an excerpt of my virtual inauguration speech to our POMA Board of Trustees.  “All of what I have just spoken, are just a small sampling of all that POMA has been involved in, and will continue to be involved with, to care for and strengthen our POMA family.  But We Need You!  Each of you have unique and personal skills, relationships and capabilities that can be cultivated for the benefit of all of our members and patients.  Please consider yourself but also talk to others in your districts to encourage them as well to get involved and share some of themselves with the rest of our family.  I can tell you that giving back to the profession and POMA has afforded me this wonderful career of Osteopathic Medicine and with the friends and relationships that I have made has changed my life forever. “

We invite YOU to contact the POMA at [email protected] to discuss opportunities to become more involved with YOUR POMA Osteopathic Family.

Finally, I look forward to the time when we can gather together fraternally, but until that time, continue to “live each day as an example of what an Osteopathic Physician should be,” as recited in our Osteopathic Pledge of Commitment.

Take care everyone and be safe!

Executive Opinion

by: Diana Ewert

“Always show appreciation. What’s taken for granted will eventually be taken away. Then you end up missing most what’s appreciated least.”

I don’t know who wrote or said this, but there’s not a better quote for these times we are currently living. Each day we open our eyes to a world that has changed. The only thing we can know for sure is that life will never return to what it was before. Life goes on, we persevere, and POMA adjusts to meet the emerging needs of members. This is evidenced by our virtual Annual Clinical Assembly. With more than 1,300 registrants viewing online presentations each day and the ability for these same registrants to review and replay the presentations, POMA is ensuring that osteopathic physicians have the AOA credit required to renew their licenses. This is the goal of our strategic Education Pillar.

Did you know there are more than 300 pieces of COVID related legislation at various stages in process? Out of these, there are 47 impacting the practice of medicine, the scope of practice of medicine, patient care and more. The POMA staff team spends significant time and resources reading, analyzing and sifting through impacts and unintended consequences of resolutions to one issue that may create future problems in others. POMA leads some coalitions and participates in others to ensure that the osteopathic perspective is counted and considered.

It is imperative the Community of the osteopathic profession is able to gather and discuss with colleagues, peers, and future DOs, the challenges of the current environment. POMA is making it possible for these discussions to continue, albeit virtually, to maintain the osteopathic connection. District 5 will be holding its first virtual meeting next Thursday where physicians, residents and students will receive an update on legislative activity related to COVID.

Communication means connectivity and that is the intent of the information you’ve been receiving these past several months including the weekly COVID-19 Update. While there are many sources in the ether world, not all are resources. POMA shares information from verified resources from the Commonwealth, CDC, and other recognized organizations for your use. Other communications include this newsletter and our Under the DOme publications that come to you electronically each month.

Soon you will be receiving your dues renewal. POMA cannot provide the support we do, execute our strategic priorities, or provide you representation and service without the financial support of our members. It’s sometimes easy to take your professional association for granted thinking that other organizations can do what we do for you, meet a need, represent your interests. While that may be true on some small level, it is important to recognize POMA is the only association in the Commonwealth that represents the osteopathic profession… a profession that POMA never takes for granted.

Policy Points


The State of Pennsylvania State Government


This is anything but a normal year for anyone, and this includes the Pennsylvania General Assembly and Governor Wolf. The impact COVID-19 has had on individuals who have fallen ill to the virus, as well as the mental health, economic security and overall well-being of the population, continues to take its toll. 

Extraordinary steps have been taken by state governments throughout the country to quarantine the population in attempts to thwart the virus. Now, as things progress toward advancing a new normal, there are conflicting opinions on if, when, and where to start lifting restrictions and moving commerce forward. These differing opinions have created a large rift between the Republican controlled General Assembly and the Democratic Governor Wolf.

Governor Wolf is using his powers as the chief executive to slowly open the economy back up, attempting to use county-by-county infection data as the leading indicator on which counties to open.  Meanwhile, back in the legislative districts, legislators are hearing from constituents who have sacrificed to their limits and are demanding answers, requesting better data and questioning how the decisions are being made. This is an election year with a lot at stake, so it should be no surprise that the lines are mainly being drawn between Republicans and Democrats. POMA recognizes it is very difficult to sift through the headlines and make any sense of the situation, because at times, both sides have compelling points of view. POMA is also frustrated by non-physician providers who are using the pandemic to push their own scope of practice political agendas. However, as the state and nation begin to pull together the pieces and start anew, POMA confidently shares with elected officials that its members continue to do what they have always done, which is to treat and care for their patients regardless of political persuasion.

Osteopathic physicians were the backbone of healthcare before this pandemic and will continue to be on the other end.  Thank you for all you DO.      


That’s a Wrap!

POMA's 112th Virtual Clinical Assembly & Scientific Seminar A Success.

The POMA Clinical Assembly Committee, speakers, leadership, staff team and attendees were all eagerly awaiting this year’s Clinical Assembly & Scientific Seminar. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of change, quickly, over the past few months. Because of the uncertainty and the need for social distancing, POMA made the decision to change our in-person Clinical Assembly to a virtual option. We are thrilled to say that aside from some minor kinks, the 112th Virtual Clinical Assembly and Scientific Seminar was a success!

This was new territory for POMA. While our organization has been moving towards curating more online education, the current environment necessitated rapid adaption to ensure the safety of our members and our patients. We are thrilled that with the hard work and support of our conference planning committee, speakers and staff team, we were able to still offer a way for you to learn from your peers even during these difficult times.

Robert A. DiTomasso, Ph.D., ABPP kicked off the Clinical Assembly Wednesday morning with his keynote speech about COVID-19 and the personal and professional stressors related to COVID-19 for physicians. Dr. DiTomasso covered why COVID-19 was different and how these stresses can create a feeling of hopelessness if not checked. This included that you cannot escape COVID-19 because it is everywhere and a part of everyone’s life.

Dr. DiTomasso asked physicians to use their emotions as a barometer and to challenge any negative thoughts with rational thinking. He also advised attendees to take the time to live in the moment. Finally, Dr. DiTomasso urged physicians to have a self-care plan that helps them COPE with stress. This self-care plan should encompass the following factors: Cognitive, Observable behavior, Physiological, Environment (COPE).

We appreciate him taking the time to speak to us on this topic and offer some things to try to combat the stresses and negative thoughts so many are dealing with.

We also held our annual Fireside Chats with POMA and AOA Leadership. Several physician leaders from POMA and the AOA provided updates of the state of each organization. Joseph Zawisza, DO, 2019-2020 POMA Vice-President, Pamela S.N. Golden, DO, 2019-2020 POMA President, Joan Grzybowski, DO, 2019-2020 POMA Immediate-Past President, Gene Battistella, DO, 2019-2020 POMA President-Elect each gave an update on POMA’s strategic plan pillars and the changes occurring within POMA.

POMA Leadership Fireside Chat

We were then joined by AOA President-Elect, Thomas L. Ely, DO who talked about the AOA’s work to continue the AOA’s certification program and how DOs were able to compete on match day with their MD colleagues.

Kevin Klauer, DO, AOA CEO, then provided an update on three overarching goals that included: retaining membership, increased communication with state affiliate chapters and certifying board services. He was confident in the strides made on all three objectives.

The rest of the Clinical Assembly featured updates in cardiology, endocrinology, pediatrics, medical pearls and regulatory requirements, including patient safety, risk management and opioid courses. The platform included a chat option with each lecture, so attendees were still able to interact and learn with our session coordinators and speakers.

POMA20 Virtual Presentations

With this being a licensure renewal year in Pennsylvania on top of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were thrilled to still be able to offer a way for you to obtain 34 Category 1-A AOA CME and AMA PRA Category 1 credits, including 7.75 patient safety and 2 opioid credits for this virtual program.

We are all experiencing first-hand the disruption known as COVID-19, but through it all, our ultimate goal is to remain a vital, viable association providing value to our members and the osteopathic profession at large. We hope you enjoyed our first virtual program and as always, we remain #POMAProud!

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 POMA Leadership!

POMA is excited to introduce our newly installed leaders, who will keep POMA on the move for the coming year…

POMA Officers
Gene M. Battistella, DO – President
Joseph M.P. Zawisza, DO – Interim President-elect
Lisa Witherite-Rieg, DO – Interim Vice President
Eric J. Milie, DO – Interim Secretary/Treasurer
Pamela S.N. Goldman, DO – Immediate Past President

POMA House of Delegates Officers
Jeffery J. Dunkelberger, DO – Interim Speaker of the House
Richard E. Johnson, DO – Interim Vice Speaker of the House

The elected interim leaders will be confirmed by the POMA House of Delegates at its next scheduled meeting, which will be held later this year once the pandemic gathering restrictions are lifted.

POMA20 Certificate Update

POMA20 Virtual Clinical Assembly

Thank you to everyone who joined POMA for its first virtual conference!  Sure we had some bumps and kinks along the way, but all in all, the feedback received thus far has been very positive.  Thank you for your support!

Attestation forms are still being submitted by attendees who attended both the live and on-demand sessions.  Because the submissions continue to be in a state of flux, all CME credits will be processed once on-demand viewing ends on May 31.  The process for creating the CME Statements is already underway and we anticipate being able to email these out by June 5.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience as we move through this next phase of the virtual conference.

APOMA Virtual Meeting Recap

APOMA held a virtual meeting in conjunction with the 112th Annual Clinical Assembly & Scientific Seminar on Friday, May 1, 2020. Special guests included Diana Ewert, CSO of POMA, Dr. Gene Battistella, POMA President, and Angela Kalcec, AAOA President.

The majority of discussion during the meeting centered around fundraising. APOMA is working toward sponsoring a CME cruise in 2021. We are hoping with the passing of a new resolution by the POMA board of trustees we will see an increase in membership as APOMA dues will again be included on next year's POMA dues statement.

APOMA President, Dr. Sally Ann Rex, then discussed her past two years as president and thanked everyone for their help. AAOA President, Angela Kalcec, installed the new APOMA officers.

  • Lori L Hildebrand, President
  • Kristina Eisenhardt, Vice President/President Elect
  • Caryn Tabby, Treasurer
  • Linda Schecter, Secretary
  • Lorna Tabby, Director
  • Elizabeth Swallow, Director

The next board meeting will be held in Hershey, PA in August 2020.

Come Sail Away with APOMA!

The Advocates for the Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association is interested in sponsoring a 2021 CME cruise. We have lined up 4 different engaging speakers for lectures which will earn approximately a total of 20 CME credits. We have partnered up with Royal Caribbean Cruise line for this. The two possible cruises are either a 5 night Cruise to Halifax in June of 2021 or a 7 night Cruise to the Bahamas in July of 2021, both leaving out of Bayonne, New Jersey. We would love for everyone to join us!

APOMA has created a Doodle poll to gauge interest and to see which trip is preferred. Please click on this link

There will be more information available about this future opportunity, hopefully in Hershey, but otherwise through the newsletter and email. We look forward to seeing you there and for all to join the advocates on this exciting adventure which will benefit Pennsylvania's first year Osteopathic Medical Students.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact APOMA at [email protected].

Thank You Sponsors 

POMA extends a heartfelt thank you to the following sponsors during the COVID pandemic.  Just as POMA ventured into new territory over the last two months, so did our sponsor community!  Thank you! 

Thank You Sponsors


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Happy Memorial Day!

The POMA Central Office will be closed for the Memorial Day weekend. We will return to regular business hours on Tuesday, May 26.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for all that you DO!


POMA continues to monitor the rapidly changing information surrounding the spread of COVID-19. Please visit for all of our updates, as well as resources we are finding to be most useful and accurate at this time.

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  7. POMA20 Certificate Update
  8. APOMA Virtual Meeting Recap
  9. Come Sail Away with APOMA
  10. Thank You Sponsors
  11. Happy Memorial Day
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  18. POMPAC
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Upcoming District Events

District 5
Virtual Meeting re: POMA Government Affairs

Thursday, May 28, 2020
7:00 pm
Click here to register

Under the DOme


Did you catch POMA's new advocacy newsletter, Under the DOme?

Under the DOme is a new member benefit providing you with an update of the advocacy work POMA is engaged and/or monitoring to ensure DOs and their patients have the best possible opportunity for strong physician-patient relationships and care. POMA is THE organization that represents you as a DO in the state in all areas of advocacy.

We hope you find Under the DOme to be a valuable advocacy tool. Send your feedback to [email protected].

Welcome New Members

The following have applied for membership in the POMA. According to Article VI, Section 2 of the POMA bylaws, if no written objection is received within 30 days after publication, the following will be accepted for membership.

Nicole Albert, DO
325 Central Avenue, Suite 200

Malvern, PA 19355
District 2 – Active Member 

Jeremy D. Alfieri, DO
801 Ostrum Street

Bethlehem, PA 18015
District 3 – Active Member

Maureen Armstrong, DO
1650 Huntingdon Pike, Suite 315

Meadowbrook, PA 19046      District 10 – Active Member

Adrian C. Bell, DO
775 Norman Drive

Lebanon, PA 17042
District 5 – Active Member

Molly E. Brennan, DO
1 Old Farm Road

Carnegie, PA 15106
District 8 – Active Member

Emily M. Chambers, DO
AGH Internal Medicine

1307 Federal Street, Suite B300
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
District 8 – Active Member 

Ryan J. Cheng, DO
1227 Baltimore Street

Hanover, PA 17331
District 5 – Active Member

Jason R. Croad, DO
845 Fishburn Road

Hershey, PA 17033
District 5 – Active Member

Thomas G. Donkar, DO
206 7th Street

Coaldale, PA 18218
District 11 – Active Member

Crystal M. Duffy, DO
Geisinger Pediatrics

132 Abigail Lane, Suite 1
Port Matilda, PA 16870
District 6 – Active Member

Stephen Einreinhofer, DO
33 Province Line Road

Princeton, NJ 08540
Out-of-State Member

Melissa L. Falcon, DO
118 Welsh Road, Building A

Horsham, PA 19044
District 10 – Active Member

Peter F. Finelli, DO
3359 Durham Road, Suite 400

Doylestown, PA 18902
District 14 – Active Member

Andrew Hamarich, DO
1200 South Cedar Crest Boulevard

Allentown, PA 18105
District 3 – Active Member

Justin D. Harmon, DO
St. Mary Medical Center

1203 Langhorne-Newtown Road, Suite 336
Langhorne, PA 19047
District 14 – Active Member

Michael Hemperly, DO
Riddle Hospital

1058 West Baltimore Pike
Media, PA 19063
District 2 – Active Member

William B. Huntington, DO
325 Central Avenue, Suite 200

Malvern, PA 19355
District 2 – Active Member

Matthew E. Joseph, DO
114 Lt. Michael Cleary Drive

Dallas, PA 18612
District 4 – Active Member

Kathryn L. Kauffman, DO
1 Medical Center Boulevard

Upland, PA 19013
District 2 – Active Member

Daria L. Keiser, DO
930 West Market Street

Lewisburg, PA 17837
District 6 – Active Member

Shahab Khademi, DO
1800 Mulberry Street

Scranton, PA 18510
District 4 – Active Member

Helen Khusid, DO
10000 Anns Choice Way

Warminster, PA 18974
District 14 – Active Member

Christopher P. Lang, DO
128 South McCoy Place

Sewickley, PA 15143
District 8 – Active Member

Alison Leff, DO
825 Old Lancaster Avenue

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
District 10 – Active Member

Kelly R. Leite, DO
Penn State Children’s Hospital

500 University Drive
Hershey, PA 17033
District 5 – Active Member

Anthony M. Letizio, DO
345 North Front Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106
District 1 – Active Member

Mary Maher, DO
88 Fort Couch Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15241
District 8 – Active Member

David N. Mahon, DO
1005 Marlin Drive

West Chester, PA 19382
District 2 – Active Member

Bryan E. Martin, DO
1000 East Mountain Boulevard

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711
District 4 – Active Member

Andrea McClintic, DO
2195 Euclid Avenue, Suite 6

Bristol, VA 24201
Out-of-State Member

Steven D. Mellul, DO
525 Route 73 South, Suite 305A

Marlton, NJ 08053
Out-of-State Member

Jody S. Musso, DO
420 South 5th Avenue

West Reading, PA 19611
District 11 – Active Member

Somnang Pang, DO
3900 Woodland Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19104
District 1 – Active Member

Jennifer Patterson, DO
121 Montauk Circle

Port Matilda, PA 16870
District 6 – Active Member

Alycia A. Petraglia, DO
155 Wilson Avenue

Washington, PA 15301
District 8 – Active Member

Natalya N.M. Riek, DO
1 Rutherford Road

Harrisburg, PA 17109
District 5 – Active Member

Michael C. Roman, DO
1550 West Main Street

Jeffersonville, PA 19403
District 10 – Active Member

Danica M. Smith, DO
200 Lothrop Street, Suite G100

Pittsburgh, PA 15213
District 8 – Active Member

Gina M. Stefanelli, DO
130 South Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 321H

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
District 10 – Active Member

Erik Thorell, DO
1865 Marlton Pike East

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
Out-of-State Member

Ryan C. Wennell, DO
1655 Crooked Oak Drive

Lancaster, PA 17601
District 5 – Active Member

Joshua A. Werner, DO
420 South 5th Avenue

West Reading, PA 19611
District 11 – Active Member

Oluseun Wert, DO
30 South West End Boulevard

Quakertown, PA 18951
District 3 – Active Member

Megan J. Wuebber, DO
1648 Huntingdon Pike

Meadowbrook, PA 19046
District 10 – Active Member

Ji-Suk K. Yoo, DO
3400 Spruce Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104
District 1 – Active Member


FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENCY PROGRAM DIRECTOR. Beebe Healthcare is starting a brand new Family Medicine residency and we are looking for an experienced physician to serve as the Program Director to develop, design, and implement the new program.  Interested parties can apply on the Beebe Healthcare website – The job is listed as Residency Program – Family Medicine Residency Program Director under Non-Physician jobs. Any questions, please reach out to Tanya Ray at 610-645-3100 ext. 5221 or [email protected].


ASSOCIATE DEAN FOR CLINICAL AFFAIRS. A.T. Still University—Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine is looking to recruit for our Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs position. Any interested candidate for the position must have a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree. Apply online. Click the “Employment Opportunities” link, search for and select the “KCOM - Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs” opportunity, and click the “Apply now” button.


SHARON REGIONAL HEALTH SYSTEM, STEWARD MEDICAL GROUP, has exciting opportunity that awaits someone who is looking to join employed group with established practice with a patient base. Board certified Family Practice or Internal Medicine Physician. Contact Adele Scheppner, Market Physician Recruiter, Sharon Regional Medical Center, [email protected].


PRN Medical Space – ready exam rooms for Drs on the go! Five locations in Philadelphia and Bristol. Call 215-669-4001.

PRACTICES WANTED: Retiring physicians, part-time or full-time practices, call 215-669-4001.

— Per insertion —

Member Ads*: $10 for the first 20 words, $.25 for each additional word. $2 each for special services: box letter, all caps or all bold type, boxing an ad in.

Non-member Ads: (Payment must be received in advance.) $50 for the first 20 words, .50 each additional word. $5 for each special service (listed above).

*Please Note: Member ad rate to be used only by POMA members and only for their medicine- or practice-related ads. Charges for other types of members’ ads will be calculated using the non-member ad rate.

POMA does not take a position of endorsing any organizations, individuals or services whose classified advertisements appear in this publication. The POMA Newsletter reserves the right to select and edit all advertisements submitted.

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