POMA’s Mission: Promote the distinctive philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine in Pennsylvania for our members and their patients.

The Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association (POMA) proudly represents its professional osteopathic family since 1903. Our family includes more than 8,400 osteopathic physicians, residents & interns and 2,590 osteopathic students. Through the promotion of public health and encouraging scientific research we aim to continue to advance the science and art of osteopathic medicine. As the osteopathic medical field continues to grow, we remain your home for everything osteopathic medicine.


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Gene M. Battistella, DO
2020 POMA President
Oath of Office & President's Speech

Pamela SN Goldman, DO
Immediate Past President
We DO - A Year in Review



COVID-19 Updates

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These are unprecedented times. The staff team at POMA is now conducting business virtually. Early on, the association’s technology was significantly upgraded to ensure that, at any time for any reason, the team could work remotely. Now we can help #FlattenTheCurve by working from home while continuing the work of the association. We will provide ongoing support and updated information relative to COVID-19. We remain your advocates while continuing to monitor the actions of the legislative, regulatory and executive branches. We are moving forward with alternatives to in-person education to help you meet licensure requirements. And we never take for granted the care you provide to your patients and the associated risks you take to care for the public health. We are here for you.

Be safe,
Diana M. Ewert, MPA, CAE
Chief Staff Officer

Benefits of Membership

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Whether you are a veteran DO, a resident or a student of osteopathic medicine, POMA works to supply you with the information and connections you need. We are your legislative voice across the state, your advocate for the osteopathic profession, your source for state licensure information and CME credits - we are here to assist and provide everything you need throughout your career as an osteopathic physician in Pennsylvania. Join today and start receiving all the benefits of a POMA Membership!

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Get Involved! 

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Looking to become more involved with POMA? We encourage all of our members to contact their District Leaders to find out more about how they can make a difference on their local level. To better provide representation, POMA is divided into 13 districts who regularly meet to discuss issues and news going on within the osteopathic field and within their communities, as well as to offer networking and social opportunities. Click below to find your district and information about their next meeting.