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Hats off to HIPPA!

Written by: Samuel J. Garloff, DO
August 19, 2022

Recently, I contacted a former physician colleague about one of their patients who happens to be a friend of mine. Prior to emailing, I informed the family that I was going to do so. My concern was holistic, inquiring about both physical and mental health. Why both? Gee, I have had some experience with the latter during my previous iteration as a psychiatrist. Not long after sending my inquiry, I received an email explaining that my request was inappropriate due to HIPPA. Stunned, it took some time but I realized what a wonderful gift I’d been given. HIPPA, the answer to future dilemmas!


Willie, Mickey and the Duke

Written by: Samuel J. Garloff, DO
May 20, 2022

Play ball! Baseball is back. Thank goodness. Those of you who, like me, love the game are happy that the strike ended before the season was irreparably damaged. Those of you who could “care less”, still might enjoy a little “backstory“.

One could not begin a tale of baseball past, without an obligatory mention of the Yankees. Within our association the Yankees are well represented. John Ferretti, DO, president of LECOM, is an ardent Yankees fan. Our past Executive Director, Mario Lanni is also. He also happens to be a Steelers fan. Some people refuse to suffer. Our past president, John Callahan, DO was in the Yankee farm system, leaving only because advancement would have interfered with his graduate work in chemistry. The late Bob Czwalina, DO, suited up with the best in the majors. I fondly remember discussing our (separate) encounters with Earl Weaver, “The Earl of Baltimore”.

Let’s go back to 1890. “We are the people!”, was the refrain reverberating throughout Brotherhood Park, home of the Chicago Pirates located in Chicago’s south side. “We are the people” was a phrase from the manifesto of the newly formed Players League. The manifesto also stated, “Players have been bought and sold as if they were sheep instead of American citizens. The player had to submit or get out of the profession in which he had spent many years achieving a proficiency”. The problem? Baseball’s reserve clause.


Carolina Moon

Written by: Samuel J. Garloff, DO
March 18, 2022

I read and reread the editorials by our association president Dr. J. Zawisza (President’s Perspective) and CEO Diana Ewert (Executive Opinion) distributed 2/18/2022. The first reading was completed while I was in my “right brain”, the second whilst I was in my “left brain”. Both authors are to be congratulated as my better 9/10ths would be quick to tell you that “no brain” is my default setting.

That being said, one reaction was “Right On”, the other was along the lines of “Show Me the Money”. This is the difficulty I sometimes experience when attempting to combine both halves of my brain. Perhaps you are familiar with the process. Osteapathy? Complacency? In the words of the late Walter Winchell, “let’s go to press”.

What if I told you that I was going to lecture about an artist who at the age of 24 was accused of sodomy with a model in his mentor’s studio? What if I added that at age 26 instead of living off the profits of commissioned works, he instead took a job designing weapons for a living? Lastly, what if I added that at age 38, while single, he adopted a 10 y/o boy to “teach him”? Would you attend the lecture?

Who was the artist? Leonardo da Vinci.


Today is Veterans Day

Written by: Samuel J. Garloff, DO
November 11, 2021 

When I was quite young, I asked my father what he and his fellow soldiers during WWII thought of the men who didn’t serve. I will never forget his response. “We thought they were lucky”. Knowing this was the feeling of a wartime veteran, sent home at the end of the war with shrapnel embedded in his left tibia as well as a case of untreated malaria, his words had a profound effect. “We thought they were lucky”. After that exchange, I never thought twice about military service. You got drafted or you were “lucky”.

I was “lucky”. Then I did the unimaginable. I volunteered to serve in the Army. It made sense. I would serve and they would put me through medical school. I felt “lucky”. During my eight years of active duty service, I had experiences practicing medicine I never would have had as a civilian. I was exposed to illnesses and traumas I could have never imagined. The air-evac plane would land at Andrews Air Force Base and patients from the world over arrived at Walter Reed and be assigned to me at random. The maladies we were taught would be seen once in a lifetime or less, were routine. I ordered tests that I had never heard of and honestly now are impossible for me to remember.


Happy New Year

Written by: Samuel J. Garloff, DO
January 10, 2019 

Happy New Year

In 1922 Robert Frost wrote "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening." On January 1, 2019, it entered the public domain. The first stanza is below:

   "Whose woods these are I think I know.
    His house is in the village though;
    He will not see me stopping here
    To watch his woods fill up with snow."

Pennsylvania is my home.  My wife and I grew up in and around Erie.  In my youth, I thoroughly enjoyed the twin tiers.  We would, when possible, travel Route 6 across the state making stops in “God’s country” aka Potter County.  Having lunch at the Potato City Inn in Galeton in a lovely memory. Dinner at Hotel Crittenden in Coudersport was lovely also.

Potter County is also home to Ulysses, Pennsylvania.  Population 650.  Ulysses hosted the world Aryan Congress in the mid-2000s.  This was a conclave of neo-Nazis, skinheads and KKK members.  Before the 2016 presidential election, the KKK established a 24-hour hotline and sent goodie bags with lollipops and flyers to hundreds of homes.  A regional newspaper ran an advertisement stating “God bless the KKK”.  Two weeks later, the National Socialist Movement and Aryan Strikeforce held a white unity meeting in Ulysses.

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