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Vol. XLVII, Issue 3

March 19, 2021

President's Perspective Gene Battistella

by: Gene M. Battistella, DO


Spring, as we all know, is a season of change. Change from the dark and cold of winter, but more importantly change to the rebirth and growth of the Spring season that we see in longer days, more sunlight and warmth, the blossoming of flowers, trees and the like, and the awakening of each of us from the winder doldrums. POMA too is experiencing this same type of rebirth and growth as we head into Spring. By no means has the POMA been dormant over these long winter months as we have continued vigorously to advance the POMA Strategic Plan under its four Strategic Pillars of Community, Communication, Education and Influence, as well as address all matters of importance of our members and the Association. However, the POMA has begun our annual process of transition and renewal in true Spring like fashion. Our POMA President-Elect, Joseph Zawisza, DO. has announced the Call for Volunteers for members to share their unique talents, passions, and treasures with the POMA as he formulates Committees, Task Forces, and other relevant groups to lead the POMA in the coming year as he transitions to the POMA Presidency in the very near future. This transition will occur at our upcoming POMA House of Delegates meeting, held in conjunction with the POMA Board and POMA Annual Clinical Assembly meetings scheduled for April 28-May 1, 2021. The Annual Clinical Assembly has already planned to be virtual with a decision of the ability to hold our governance meetings in person or virtual to be decided by April 1 subject to the ongoing pandemic limitations.

Our POMA Districts have each held their virtual elections of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and District Trustee to the POMA Board, as well as POMA House of Delegates representatives. I have formed a District Task force as requested under the Community Pillar of the Strategic Plan to evaluate our present POMA District structure and function, and to report to the POMA Board of Trustees recommendations moving forward. We continue to look to have dynamic, energic and innovative collaborations with our Districts and their leaders as representatives of the members they serve to be the most successful Association for all our members across the Commonwealth.

Furthermore, the POMA has seen the changes within our State Legislature following the January elections, and has continued to cultivate and strengthen our relationships with them and discuss concerns of the POMA, our members and our patients. I recently, along with Diana Ewert, POMA CEO, Andy Sandusky, POMA VP of Public Policy & Association Affairs, and our contract lobbyists from Milliron & Goodman, had a virtual meeting with Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of Health, Alison Beam. We had a productive conversation primarily involving the COVID pandemic in Pennsylvania and more specifically the vaccine rollout. We believe that our POMA physicians have a unique ability to provide these much needed and desired vaccines to our patients. With the obvious limiting factor of vaccine availability aside, the physician-patient relationships we have with the level of mutual trust therein, provides the value of our Osteopathic Physicians with the vaccine hesitant individual especially that other health “providers” typically do not to advance all our goal to have as many individuals vaccinated as possible. More regarding this conversation can be found in a separate communication from me on this matter to the membership and, as with all things legislative, also in our Under the DOme monthly newsletter. 

Please stay up to date with all issues POMA-related and our Spring activities ongoing as communicated in POMA's COVID Update newsletter, the Under the DOme newsletter, The POMA Newsletter and the POMA Journal, as well as social media on Twitter, Facebook, and the POMA app and website.

In conclusion and as always, please remain safe, healthy and continue to “Live each day as an example of what an Osteopathic Physician should be!”

Executive Opinion

by: Diana Ewert

"Everything is in motion. Everything flows. Everything is vibrating."
- William Hazlitt

POMA on the Move. This association would not be possible without the efforts of volunteers. Volunteer physicians. Volunteer residents. Volunteer students. Volunteers who advocate for the osteopathic profession – APOMA. POMA cannot do what we do without volunteers. The call for volunteers closed on March 12. Members of the POMA staff team met yesterday (Thursday, 3/18) with our incoming president, Joseph M.P. Zawisza, DO, to talk about committee, task force and work group appointments. The work that your staff does on your behalf is determined, developed and implemented by volunteers.

I consider association management my profession. I’ve worked at many associations over the course of my career – member-driven and staff-driven. The most productive, most enjoyable, most personally worthwhile for me are spent with member-driven organizations. POMA truly is a member driven association. The POMA Board of Trustees sets the direction of the organization. Volunteer workgroups reviewed the strategic planning data and set POMA’s direction for the next three years. Communications, Community, Education and Influence have corresponding committees, workgroups and task forces to move the plan forward. Each will be talking about programs and products and services and how POMA can meet your professional needs not only today but three years from today. The structure is becoming more nimble and responsive and you’ll read about these efforts in this newsletter.

The car analogy works well for associations that are driven by volunteers. POMA leadership and volunteers are the framework around the engine. They determine the destination, read the map, set the course, plot the milestones, fuel the car and move forward. Team POMA serves as the engine and the tires. We are the rubber meeting road to get you, our members, where you need to be safely and efficiently. When the team has questions, we turn on the check engine light and go back to the our leaders and volunteers for input. Oh, there’s potholes (you all have some doozies in Pennsylvania) and tune-ups and occasionally parts need to be replaced, but YOU drive the car fueled by the engine doing the work. The past year has felt different. We take meetings from the same place. Our office is our home is our office. And while things may appear to have little movement, I can assure you – not the case at all. Coalitions are reaching out. POMA is part of a USA Today national insert on Osteopathic Medicine on March 24 (more about this next week).

POMA on the Move. Count on it... 

Policy Points

by: Andy Sandusky


COVID-19 Vaccine Effort Still Stymied by Lack of Vaccines, Despite Some Bright Spots

The Department of Health had some better news to report this week - Pennsylvania has administered 3.9 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine, 2.5 million partially vaccinated and 1.3 million fully vaccinated. Statistically, the new data demonstrates that Pennsylvania has moved up the national chart from near the bottom to #2 according to the CDC-based ranking of states administering doses per 100,000 people. But Acting Secretary Alison Beam cautioned the road ahead is still long. A road where demand still heartedly outstrips the supply. There are many patients that will not likely get shots in mass clinic settings, but who still want one. Meeting this demand will likely be met by local Osteopathic physician offices, which the Department of Health recognizes and will be counting on to bridge this gap. The terrain gets even more difficult as Osteopathic physicians will likely be able to bridge another serious gap, vaccinating patients who are hesitant or resistant to getting the vaccine. These issues are perpetual agenda items for POMA's Government Affairs Committee and Public Policy Committee, that will meet in April to consider POMA policy on those patients who do not want the vaccination. So just like we Pennsylvanians are starving for warmer weather and any sliver of sunshine, the same is true with the vaccination effort, and positive news should be celebrated. But we still have a lot of cold days ahead before warm temps arrives in earnest and many more days of frustration ahead in the vaccine effort.


PGYP Recaps


Another great virtual meeting for the West Region-Professional Guidance/Young Physicians is in the books.

The group met on March 3rd and started the meeting with an icebreaker discussing what they would do if they had $1,000 to spend on themselves. The responses showed that we would rather spend the money on experiences with loved ones instead of material items.

POMA President Dr. Gene Battistella provided an update on what's new with POMA, as well as what's to come. PGYP West chair and POMA Vice President Dr. Lisa Witherite-Rieg provided the Osteopathic Minute - a tip on eustachian tube dysfunction. Each resident also shared the latest on what’s going at their programs. There were also lots of general questions about residency and preparing for post-grad life with the mentors sharing their own tips and advice.


The East Region-Professional Guidance/Young Physicians met on March 11th for a bit of virtual socializing and networking.

The group started the meeting with a recap from Dr. Jennifer Lorine on what’s new with POMA and the current opportunities we have for our residents. This includes POMA’s upcoming Annual Resident Program and the Residency Wellness Program grants available to create events aimed at helping to prevent burnout for residents.

AOA Trustee Dr. Robert Dolansky provided an update on what’s new at the national level and Dr. Joan Grzybowski provided an update on board certification. PGYP Committee Chair Dr. Kenneth Veit took a few minutes to thank the residents for all their work over the past year through such difficult circumstances during the pandemic.

The residents shared what is happening at each of their hospitals and within their programs. While the meeting was virtual, it was nice to have some time to network and connect with mentors. 

District Dish

District Chairs Meeting

Your newly elected district leaders gathered in March for their bimonthly meeting to discuss member engagement and events. The group discussed ways to bring POMA benefits to you and voiced your concerns and issues to the POMA leadership. Click here to find your district and contact your local leadership.

District 6 Virtual Meeting & Elections

District 6 members gathered on February 24th for some fellowship, bonding and to handle some early year district business. The attendees nominated and voted on District leadership for the next two years and voiced their support for POMA leadership as they are advocating for physicians during the COVID vaccine roll out. The district leadership will be discussing events and ideas for the coming year - stay tuned for more details.

DGD Series – Dermatology 101: Rashes, Bumps & Lumps hosted by District 10

Over 100 members gathered for a lecture on Dermatology 101: Rashes, Bumps & Lumps, presented by Dr. David Kasper and hosted by District 10. Dr. Kasper highlighted common dermatologic conditions often seen in the office and discussed what to watch out for, how to treat, and when to refer. As is typical with derm lectures, there were lots of pictures and open Q&A.

We have two more DGD events lined up – March 25 is a lecture on Abnormal Saline – April 15 is a beer tasting social event.  Register today!

Registration is OPEN!

Early-bird pricing ends March 31!

 POMA 113 Clinical Assembly 

Registration is open for POMA's 113th VIRTUAL Annual Clinical Assembly and Scientific Seminar which will be held April 28 - May 1, 2021.

The program offers 34 1-A AOA CME credits and 30 AMA PRA Category 1 credits. Attendees will have access to all conference content in real-time or on-demand format. On-demand access ends May 31.  Click here to view the tentative schedule.

Click here to register online or download the registration form. Early bird pricing ends March 31!

If you have any questions, please contact Deb Cargill-Roan at (717) 939-9318 x170 or email [email protected] 

How Are You DOing

by: Kathryn G. Graham, DO

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes

Your leg bone is connected to your knee bone
Your knee bone is connected to your thigh bone
Your thigh bone is connected to your hip bone…

From a very young age we’ve all been taught basic anatomy. Some of us go on to post-graduate education where the anatomy is taken from basic to advanced and the diagrams and models of skeletons become common place. And the typical skeletal drawing, Netter’s anatomy book, and the pop art that has assimilated anatomy into pop culture on the surface aren’t fear provoking. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic, which was at full tilt in the United States in 2020, brought out a different type of skeleton for most; and for a young physician that was incredibly scary.

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The annual APOMA meeting has a tradition of including a cooking demonstration with Chef Tony of the Valley Forge Casino and Resort. This year, we will continue that tradition with a virtual demonstration. The event will take place on May 5 in the evening and feature CINCO DE MAYO recipes.  Sign-ups will be available shortly. Those who sign up will receive the recipes in advance to purchase ingredients should they want to follow along.  The Zoom link can be found here.

On the national front, AAOA is hosting a webinar series for members and potential members on health and wellness. The first webinar, COVID-19 - Facts about the Vax, was held on March 4. You can view the presentation here.  The next webinar in the series will be either April 8 or 15, TBD.  The topic will be Parenting for Medical Families led by Curtis Webster of "Dads Married to Doctors". Stay tuned for details to sign up.

APOMA has made arrangements with the AAOA to share in the proceeds from sales of DO brooches on the AAOA web store.  The very beautiful and available in variety of colors. Visit the store and use the discount code POMA2021 at checkout to get FREE SHIPPING and share proceeds with APOMA.

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POMA continues to monitor the rapidly changing information surrounding the spread of COVID-19. Please visit for all of our updates, as well as resources we are finding to be most useful and accurate at this time.

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Upcoming District Events

DGD Series
Hosted by District 11
Abnormal Saline: The Rebirth of Lactated Ringer
Thursday, March 25
7:00 pm

Hosted by District 4
April 1 - 30

DGD Series
Hosted by District 12

Pour Me A Cold One
Thursday, April 15
7:00 pm

 Upcoming PGYP Meetings

Central Region
Tuesday, March 23
6:00 PM 

Virtual Charity Event

Sneakers for steps 4 all

POMA District 4 is hosting STEPS 4 ALL to get you outside and moving!  This is a FREE virtual event for all POMA members and their families which will run the entire month of April.

Be inspired to welcome spring by getting out to walk, run, bike or hike and break free from the winter blues. Every step you take will raise money to a charity of your choice, without even opening your wallet!

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PRN Medical Space – ready exam rooms for Drs on the go! Five locations in Philadelphia and Bristol. Call 215-669-4001.

Retiring physicians, part-time or full-time practices, call 215-669-4001.

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Medical Records Copying Fees 2021 Update on Act 26

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has published guidelines and fees that a health care provider or facility may charge in response to a request for production of medical charts or records. The 2020 fee amendments are effective January 1 and may be found on the Department of Health website


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