Journal of the POMA

Published quarterly, the Journal of the POMA discusses many issues and topics surrounding the osteopathic medical profession. The articles within the publication are written by leaders and upcoming voices within Pennsylvania’s osteopathic family. Readers hear from the Deans at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), and the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) as well as students, residents and experts on each of the topics. 

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JPOMA March 2018

Journal of the POMA March 2018 

The Joy of Medicine...Our Great Stories


JPOMA March 2017

Journal of the POMA March 2017 Cover 

Join Us for the 109th Annual Clinical Assembly

 JPOMA March 2016

 Journal of the POMA March 2016 Cover

Join Us for the 108th Annual Clinical Assembly

JPOMA June 2018 

JPOMA June 2018 cover

Learning, Teaching, Research, Leading...

JPOMA June 2017

Journal of the POMA June 2017 Cover 

The Dawn of a New Era

 JPOMA June 2016 

Journal of the POMA June 2016 Cover

Wrap up: 108th Annual Clinical Assembly

JPOMA September 2018

JPOMA September 2018 cover 

"We Must Find Time to Stop and Thank the People Who Make a Difference in Our Lives" - John F. Kennedy

JPOMA September 2017

Journal of the POMA September 2017 Cover 

A Look at Pain and the Opioid Epidemic in Pennsylvania

 JPOMA September 2016 

Journal of the POMA September 2016 Cover

POMA Welcomes the Class of 2016 to the Osteopathic Family

 JPOMA December 2018

What is the Future of Healthcare?

JPOMA December 2017 


Professional Organizations...Do They Have a Place in the Future World of Medicine?

JPOMA December 2016

Journal of the POMA December 2016 Cover

Happy New Year