Sunday Morning

Sunday morning started with a cup of coffee and sharing stories before continuing to work on POMA’s new Strategic Plan. In the conference room, 30 osteopathic physicians were volunteering their weekend to strengthen Osteopathic Medicine in Pennsylvania.

Outside the room, we heard “man down”. An elderly man, in a chair, without pulse or respirations, was assessed, rapidly brought inside, CPR begun, and the hotel’s AED was brought into play. After a rapid ambulance/paramedic response, the physicians turned over care and returned to their meeting.

In a society obsessed with identity, no one asked if our patient was conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, or which personal pronouns he used. Just a quick medical history and trying to comfort the man’s family.

This is what we do.

When asked for help, physicians respond to the best of our abilities, without regard to externals. Those physicians that came before us and those coming after us, have adhered to this creed as a core of their profession. Insurance companies, hospital administrators and politicians need to understand, cherish and nurture this resource.

And we can all be proud of the efforts a group of our community made on a Sunday morning, waiting for a meeting.

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