Heritage Valley Family Medicine Residency - CSA Program

Our residents had a great time at our CSA kick off workshop complete with cooking contest and potting party. Everyone also appreciated meeting and speaking with Dr. Witherite-Rieg. I have attached the Post Project Summary that relates to the workshop itself.... 



... will submit another summary once the CSA season concludes (anticipated completion is end of September/beginning of October). 

Results/Outcome Survey
1. What was the general understanding of the purpose of the project/program by participants?
The understanding of this wellness workshop and upcoming participation in a local CSA was that this is an activity to promote personal wellness for the physicians in the residency program. The understanding is that this will be accomplished by providing fruits and vegetables from a locally sourced farm to help residents incorporate more healthy recipes into their routine. 

2. During the project/program, what tangible tools or strategies were demonstrated or taught (i.e, coping skills for wellness and life balance)?

This activity emphasized the importance of healthy nutrition and gave residents the opportunity to sample different types of plant based dishes. It also helped them learn how to grow our own food and herbs to contribute to a healthy diet. In addition, the importance of having balanced life was discussed as a group.

3. What word(s) best describes how you feel when you are experiencing stress or well-being imbalance?

The words that most described this were fatigue and worry.

4. What suggestions do you have to increase the probability of success for the project/program for other institutions?

In general, the residents and faculty thought this program worked very well. It gave everyone some practical skills on how to eat healthier and provided a friendly, supportive, and collaborative environment. It provided easy recipes that correlated with the fruits and vegetables that are expected throughout the course of the upcoming CSA.

5. What do you intend to do, upon returning to work, that you learned and practiced during the activity, that will improve your response to stressful situations?

This program reminded many residents to be more deliberate in the effort to incorporate balance into their lives. It also reminded them that what happens outside of work supports their ability to function well at work. It also promoted team building and support for each other.