Update on Act 96 of 2018 - Electronic Prescribing of Scheduled Drug Prescriptions

Written by Executive Vice President, Public Policy and Association Affairs, Andy Sandusky

August 28, 2019 

POMA has continued to issue information and advisories regarding Act 96 of 2018, which requires scheduled drug prescriptions be submitted electronically and goes into effect on October 24, 2019POMA has fielded many communications from physicians asking for specifics on compliance with the law. The Department of Health (Department) finally issued a Frequently Asked Questions document on last Friday which provides many answers to your specific questions. Please review the website link at your earliest convenience.

A main issue of contention was the Department’s interpretation that a provider is exempt from the law if they don’t have internet access AND don’t have an EMR. The law states they must not have either. Nonetheless:

• IF you have no internet access AND no EHR, then you are exempt from the law and do not need to file an exemption.
• IF you do not have internet access OR do not have an EHR, you must file an exemption.

The temporary exemption will last for one-year from the date of approval. You will receive an email communication from the Department confirming you are temporarily exempt. TheDepartment claims they will respond within 10 days on all requests. POMA members who believe they are eligible are encouraged to file the temporary exemption form as soon as possible to receive and exemption from the Department by October 24.