The Calm Before the Storm
Written by Executive Vice President, Public Policy and Association Affairs, Andy Sandusky

May 24, 2019 

As we prepare cookouts and enjoy time with our friends and family this coming weekend celebrating Memorial Day, legislators will be doing the same. However, the month of June is a notoriously busy time in the Harrisburg halls of state government. This is mainly because a state budget will be due by June 30 (or sometime thereafter) before the General Assembly breaks for the Summer.  This coincides with many bills that will likely see movement in the legislative process, some helpful to DOs and their patients, and some, not so much. 

POMA will be battling the CRNPs perennial quest for independent practice legislation and other bills that would interfere with the physician-patient relationship. On the positive side of the ledger, POMA will help pave the way in support of legislation that will provide transparency and streamlining of the prior authorization process. It is a complicated dance of good and bad, but POMA will be your voice in the stormy legislative action! 

So, while we relax and celebrate Memorial Day, we know that the legislative storms of June/budget season will keep POMA on its toes looking out for DO best interests and that of your patients!