District 6 Recap - February 21, 2019

If a patient has a mechanical heart valve, what treatments can we use for CAD/PAD? What if it’s an artificial biological valve, is there a significant difference? CAD and PAD affect a large percentage of the population and the treatments vary based on numerous factors.

District 6 tackled these questions at their causal dinner on Thursday, Feb. 21 at Lewisburg Hotel in Lewisburg, PA. Members exchanged stories and treatments about the situations they each face. One person’s case example led to another similar story. The group compared suggested treatment plans and learned from each other.

District 6 February 2019 meeting

After the discussion, the group talked about local issues affecting them outside diagnosing patients. Kathleen Horne, DO, District Chair, discussed possible upcoming family social events, sponsored by POMA, which could include a Williamsport Cutter baseball game, a dinner cruise, or a social/CME function hosted at a member’s house. Jason Leeper, POMA Program Manager, led a discussion on the continued changes and membership upgrades POMA is rolling out to the members, including communications and advocacy tools.

District 6 will look to announce social events in the coming weeks for hopefully May and June. Stay tuned for more information.