PGYP Central Region December 2018

PGYP Central Region Meeting

The POMA Committee on Professional Guidance – Central Region held its second meeting of the year on 18 December 2018, at the POMA Central Office in Harrisburg.  Twelve residents/interns, four staff physicians, and three POMA staff were in attendance.

The meeting began with an icebreaker over dinner in which participants were divided into small groups and had to identify something everyone in the group had in common.  After a group introduction, we had an OMT session directed by Garrett Kirkpatrick, DO, demonstrating simple OMT techniques that can be done by physicians-in-training in hospitals or clinics.  This was done at the request of participants from the last meeting and was particularly exciting since this was the first time this type of activity was done at these meetings.

We discussed the Annual Clinical Assembly and the various ways that residents and interns can participate, including the Young Physician Leadership Forum which will be held on Thursday this year over lunch between the poster sessions.  Topics requested to be presented during the forum were: physician burnout, saying “no” to patients (re inappropriate treatments that they request/demand), and financial planning.  The presentation should be available online this year (although perhaps not live although this is being worked on).  Residents were encouraged to submit a poster presentation, which also can satisfy their scholarly activity requirement.

The POMA Foundation has designated money for scholarships, and we discussed applying for these.  Additionally, we reviewed the Mental Health Task Force grant program.  Although programs have already been selected for this year, residents/interns were encouraged to have their programs apply for next year.

Hans Zuckerman, DO, gave an update on the POMA Board of Trustees and the strategic plan we are working on.  Of note, attendees were encouraged to participate in developing the new POMA app.  Anita Kozlowski, DO, gave an update on the POFPS Board of Trustees and their annual convention in August.  Participants were also encouraged to attend the District 8 Annual Winter Seminar in February.  We discussed the districts of POMA and residents/interns were encouraged to get involved with their district.

This was one of the most successful meetings this committee has had in the last several years.  I believe our young physicians are demonstrating themselves to be an outstanding new face for POMA.  Our next meeting will be March 26, 2019.