District 1

POMA District 1

District 1 represents Philadelphia county. 


District 1 Officers
Chairperson James S. Blake, DO, Philadelphia
Vice-Chair Herbert M. Schecter, DO, Philadelphia
Secretary/Treasurer Vacant 
Trustee Herbert M. Schecter, DO, Philadelphia 
Alternate Trustee James S. Blake, DO, Philadelphia


District Events:
  • June 29

The District Dish

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District 1 Recap - October 16, 2019

District 1 meeting

Even with a Nor’easter outside, District 1 physicians gathered in NE Philadelphia for comradery and conversation. POMA member, Greg Aaronson, DO led a lecture on pulmonary diseases and the treatments recommendations. POMA CEO Diana Ewert provided an update on regulatory and licensure questions. The attendees discussed their experiences coming into compliance for ACT 96. Additionally, scope of practice legislation concerned the attendees, and Ms. Ewert discussed the efforts of POMA and what is occurring on the national level.


District 1 Recap - March 13, 2019

The right diagnosis can be difficult. Symptoms can be a sign of several different possible issues. X-ray and scan technology can clarify a challenging situation. But there may be even more advanced techniques and technologies that will help make it more clear, with less risk.

Philadelphia area members gathered, hosted by POMA District 1, at the Delmonico's Steak House on City Avenue near the PCOM campus on Wednesday, March 13th to discuss and learn about such technologies. The evolutions of bronchoscopy have taken another step forward and members watched and learned firsthand. The group was taken aback by how far things have come, and the doctors enjoyed learning more about these robotic options that help with recovery time and lower dangers for their patient. The members are excited about the enhanced care this will provide to patients.


District 1 Recap - December 12, 2018

District 1 December 2018 meeting

Hypoglycemia is a danger when someone is on insulin. It can come on quickly and unexpectedly.  Feeling shaky, chills and confusion are just a few possible signs.  Symptoms may appear differently every time.  As a physician, you are attempting to educate and assist your patients about this possible danger and prevent it from happening.


District 1 Recap - February 21, 2018

District 1 meeting

POMA district 1 members met on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at Randi’s Restaurant on the northeast side of Philadelphia. The group enjoyed a very interactive lecture highlighting new anticoagulant medications by Michael Attanasio, DO.