Professional Guidance Committee

POMA Committee on Professional Guidance/Young Physicians

The POMA Committee on Professional Guidance/Young Physicians enables residents from across the state to interact with POMA’s physician members and serve as representatives of their programs and institutions to POMA. The PGYP serves as a safe environment where residents can bring forward their colleagues concerns, questions and issues. They also receive information about issues impacting physicians at all levels – most especially our interns and residents. The PGYP also participates in interactive leadership activities, communications, team building and problem solving exercises.

The Mental Health Task Force addressing mental health issues and tasked with creating programs to help young physicians cope with the stress and fatigue of residency was borne out of PGYP activities. Other advances include education on the transition from training to attending status; and discuss concerns about the single accreditation system to the POMA Board of Trustees. It is because of a recommendation of intern and resident members of this committee, that our physicians in training now have a voting representative present at every POMA Board of Trustees Meeting and at the annual POMA House of Delegates Meeting. Many past members of this committee have become leaders of POMA.

Regional committee meetings are held on weekday evenings in September, December and March.  Representatives attending the meetings will be reimbursed transportation (mileage) expenses.

If you are interested in representing your residency program on POMA's PGYP committee, please contact Tammy L. Keller, POMA administration, [email protected] or call 717-939-9318 ext. 130.

We look forward to meeting our future leaders this year!

Upcoming Meetings for the 2021/22 Academic Year

PGYP East - March 3, 2022 - will meet in-person at Peppers By Amedeo's Restaurant at 6:30 PM Register here.

PGYP Central - March 23, 2022 - will meet in-person at Gilligan's Restaurant at 6:30 PM Register here.

PGYP West - March 29, 2022 - will meet in-person at Fat Eddy's Bar-BQ at 7:00 PM Register here.

Professional Guidance Recaps

Find out what happened at the recent regional meetings.

PGYP East Region March 2019

PGYP East March 19

The Professional Guidance/Young Physician Committee – Eastern Region meeting was held on March 13, 2019, in King of Prussia with the 2018-19 resident group.  We had a good turnout, representing each residency, including many of our own POMA leadership, adding to the overall learning and discussion with the resident leaders.  We discussed current events affecting medical practice in Pennsylvania, brainstormed new activities/needs of our residents, and opened with an icebreaker, learning more about our colleagues by sharing victories or lessons learned in the last year. 


PGYP West Region March 2019

PGYP West March 2019

Representatives from four different hospital residency programs met to discuss their concerns and opportunities POMA offers with POMA leadership on Thursday, March 7 at the Industry Public House in Pittsburgh, PA.

With the help of the leadership exercise “Two truths and a lie”, we learned that our resident representatives have danced ballet professionally, grew up on a sheep farm and plays piano.

Review of POMA’s strategic plan, opportunities for scholarly activity and the upcoming educational programs sponsored by POMA were discussed. Attendees were asked to consider serving as a delegate to the POMA House of Delegates in May.


PGYP Central Region December 2018

PGYP Central Region Meeting

The POMA Committee on Professional Guidance – Central Region held its second meeting of the year on 18 December 2018, at the POMA Central Office in Harrisburg.  Twelve residents/interns, four staff physicians, and three POMA staff were in attendance.

The meeting began with an icebreaker over dinner in which participants were divided into small groups and had to identify something everyone in the group had in common.  After a group introduction, we had an OMT session directed by Garrett Kirkpatrick, DO, demonstrating simple OMT techniques that can be done by physicians-in-training in hospitals or clinics.  This was done at the request of participants from the last meeting and was particularly exciting since this was the first time this type of activity was done at these meetings.


PGYP East Region December 2018

PGYP East December 2018 meeting

The Eastern Region of the Professional Guidance Committee held its winter meeting with 17 enthusiastic residents and interns on December 5, 2018, at Maggiano’s in King of Prussia. After a spirited icebreaker where the room was divided into small groups and each group was asked to identify four things their group had in common with each other – with only being a physical attribute and being a DO could not be one of the four. The focus was on making a human connection in a few brief minutes which is essentially all that a physician has to make a patient comfortable and gain his/her trust during a visit.


PGYP West Region December 2018

PGYP West Region

The POMA Committee on Professional Guidance – West Region held its second meeting of the year on December 6, 2018, at the Clarion River Brewing Company in Clarion, PA. A team building/ice breaker activity started the meeting with the group being divided into two smaller groups. Each group spent 10 minutes trying to find commonalities among the members to include one thing professional, one thing personal and one thing “obscure.” The Drs. Battistella, Park, Diller, and Posnik group found it humorous they all had beards (while the other group all did not!).

The weather prevented many from attending, but the conversation amongst those in attendance was lively and focused on educational opportunities within POMA.

Concentrating on the pillars of focus POMA has been developing over the past several months, residents’ input and concerns regarding advocacy and education were discussed. The reasoning behind POMA’s concern (and opposition to) independent practice privileges for advanced practitioners was a main talking point.

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