PGYP Central Region March 2020

The POMA Committee on Professional Guidance – Central Region held a meeting on 24 March 2020. This was a virtual meeting because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which provided to be a very successful format. Two residents, four staff physicians (including President Goldman), and one POMA staff were in attendance. Joseph M.P. Zawisza provided an update of the POMA Board of Trustees including about POMA's new legislative consultant. The group discussed getting involved in their district, as well as opportunities to complete scholarly activity by giving presentations at district meetings. There was discussion about the Wellness Grant Program. Attendees were encouraged to apply next year even if their program has allopathic residents. It was explained that POMA is looking to help all of our osteopathic physicians in training with minimal restrictions.

Attendees were also encouraged to write an article for the How Are You DOing? and DOs DOing More newsletter pieces. The group talked about the Early Career Physician Leadership Program tentatively to be held in April 2020 at the Annual Convention. However, given the uncertainties surrounding the format of the annual convention due to stay at home orders, the leadership program is currently being evaluated for other potential presentation options. As is always the case, residents were reminded from the beginning of the meeting that this is their meeting and the purpose is for them to present ideas, questions, or concerns. The POMA House of Delegates representative and alternate representative are Kortnee Koziara, DO, and Christa Patrick, DO, respectively, based on only Dr. Koziara responding to an email sent since the prior meeting. Dr. Koziara self-nominated for the position of resident representative to the Board of Trustees for 2020-21. The next meeting of the group will be in September 2020, hopefully in person in Harrisburg.