Do You Know Who Represents You in the Pennsylvania General Assembly?

Written by Executive Vice President, Public Policy and Association Affairs, Andy Sandusky

October 4, 2019 

If you read the headline and are like most people in the state, don’t be concerned if you did not raise your hand. POMA is here to help! But why? Why should you care who represents you? 

As a physician, state legislators make decisions every day that impact either your profession and/or your patients. There are laws that mandate how much and what kind of continuing medical education you must receive, insurance laws that dictate what, when, how and how often you can treat your patients in order to receive payment for your services and scope of practice laws that determine what treatments non-physician providers are legally able to provide to patients. Hopefully that got your attention! The bottom line is that constituents like you, can have a far greater impact on legislative decisions because of the fact most people don’t get involved. This means if you make the effort to meet with your State Representative and Senator, your voice will be magnified!

If you want to know who your State Representative and Senator are, use POMA’s Action Center. You can type in your home address and your elected officials will appear with contact information and locations of their district offices. One call for an appointment and one 15-minute visit with your elected officials will have an impact far greater than you think! 


Questions? Concerns? Need help? Need talking points? POMA has you covered!! Please contact [email protected].

Do you know who Represents you in the Pennsylvania General Assembly?