District 14 Recap - June 20, 2018

DVT and PE blot clots are seen throughout all practices across the state. Several treatment options exist on how to treat the problem. This was the main lecture topic for District 14’s member event on Wed. June 20th at Harvest in Newtown.

District 14 June Meeting

The pharmaceutical sponsored dinner began with a lecture by cardiologist Ronald Fields, MD.  Dr. Fields discussed the various treatment options and newly released research. The district 14 members, which included a radiologist, an internist, and emergency room doctors, enhanced the lecture by discussing how they approach the symptoms when they are presented to them.  Do you send them for extra testing or just put them on anti-coagulated agent?  The group also discussed what happens in a traumatic situation and how in most cases a reversal agent is not needed because the various drugs clear the system within a day. Reversal agents are available as well.

Pamela Goldman, DO, POMA president-elect, discussed what POMA is working on. POMA has many projects and new members’ benefits in the works as POMA adjusts to the changing landscape of the DO practice environment. The members gave strong feedback about the various projects and went a step further and discussed issues that are directly affecting their everyday practice. Many believe that all the changing requirements, the various electronic records systems, prescribing requirements, and needed documentation for everything they do is almost preventing doctors from being able to practice medicine.

The discussion was very robust. District 14 will investigate organizing a local round-table event where local members can come to discuss their practice issues in order to help find solutions, as well as discuss best practices. This will be a great learning experience, stay tuned for more details in the future.

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