Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners - 5/24/18
Written by Legislative Consultant, Bruce Hironimus

The House Professional Licensure Committee Chairs remain in waiting for a response to their recent information request from the Osteopathic, Medical and Nursing Licensing Boards. 

School safety and redistricting proposals capture the legislative headlines, while behind the scenes, the Pennsylvania General Assembly continues to assemble the details of the upcoming budget for the next fiscal year. Having established a spend number with restoration of several specific line items due to increased revenues and new revenue sources, i.e. sports betting. Optimism abounds in the state capital for a timely budget adoption this year. In fact, it is conceivable that Governor Wolf might actually sign the budget this year having failed to do so in any previous year. 
Separately, tactical maneuvers are anticipated with welfare code and fiscal code bills and accompanying political motives which will drive the composition of those bills. 
We will remain watchful on those measures for insertion of any negative legislation. The General Assembly is now on recess for the Memorial Day holiday and will return on June 4th, 2018