Make Connections. Make a Friend.
Make a Difference.

POFPS’s Mentor Program facilitates meaningful partnerships amongst attendings, residents and medical students throughout the year. Because goals and dreams can change throughout one’s career, participants in the mentor program can be a mentor, mentee or both.


Mentor Benefits:

  • Meet and engage with other POFPS members
  • Continue to foster the Osteopathic family medicine profession
  • Enhance leadership, communication skills
  • Appreciate new perspectives through the lens of your mentee
  • Develop introspection and appreciation for all that you have to offer

Mentee Benefits:

  • Meet and engage with other POFPS members
  • Continue to promote the Osteopathic family medicine profession
  • Receive practical advice, encouragement and support
  • Develop and improve communication and problem-solving skills
  • Exposure to different experiences and perspectives while navigating career development


  • Those interested will complete an application. POFPS leadership will pair members based on needs, strengths, shared goals, etc.
  • A virtual opening session will be held in the fall to review structure and expectations.
  • Timeline:
    • September 1 – Deadline for applications
    • September 15 – notification of mentor/mentee pairings
    • October 1 – Opening session
    • March 15 – Mid session evaluations
    • August 6 – Mentorship cycle ends


  • Participants are active members of the POFPS
  • Pairings will establish together preferred means of communication (in person, text, email, skype, etc).
  • Pairings will meet at least monthly, and should they need to be rescheduled, timely notice is given.
  • Mutual respect for each others’ time and opinions.
  • Discussions are to be kept confidential unless there is permission granted to share or a safety concern.
  • Notify POFPS if you are no longer able to actively participate as a mentor or mentee in the program.