POFPS Membership Types

Active, Associate, Academic, Military-Active Duty, Life, Retired and Honorary.

Active members - licensed osteopathic physicians who are engaged in family practice. The active members are eligible to vote.

Associate members - those whose professional activities involve specialized cooperation with family practitioners, such as pathologists, surgeons or the like, or who contribute to some phase of the special field of family practice such as teachers and research workers in scientific fields, or others interested in supporting this organization and its objectives. Associate members may not vote or hold office.

Academic members - students, interns, residents or post-doctoral preceptees. Academic members may not vote or hold office.

Life membership - may be granted to any active member who has been in good standing for three years, and who pays dues equivalent to ten years dues with application for life membership. A member who obtains life membership in this manner is subject to the same rights and responsibilities as any active member. Life membership is granted by this organization to its immediate past president at the conclusion of his/her term.

Retired membership - may be granted to active and life members in good standing who, because of age or disability, have discontinued practice. The request for retired membership shall be referred to the Membership Committee for consideration on an individual basis. The Membership Committee shall report to the Board of Trustees who shall take final action. If active practice is resumed, the membership Committee shall then report to the Board of Trustees who shall take final action concerning membership classification.

Honorary membership - may be conferred upon any person who has rendered outstanding service to this organization or to the osteopathic profession. Nomination may be made by any active member to the Membership Committee. The membership Committee shall report to the Board of Trustees, and upon approval of two-thirds of the Board of Trustees,the candidate shall be presented to the membership at the next annual meeting. A two-thirds vote of the voting members present at the annual meeting is required.