Postgraduate Outreach and Engagement Committee

POMA Committee on Postgraduate Outreach and Engagement

POMA's Postgraduate Outreach and Engagement Committee is charged to effectively engage osteopathic residents and fellows training in Pennsylvania, as well as postgraduate training program administration and faculty members in the Commonwealth.  This work is accomplished by providing information, resources and support for residents in training and their program administrators.

Fall PGYP Recap

Last month, POMA leaders and osteopathic residents from across the state met virtually to launch this year’s Professional Guidance Committee meetings.  These meetings provide an arena for residents to develop leadership skills and network with physicians who work in a variety of practice settings outside of their own residency setting.

Leadership is an essential skill for residents to develop in order to lead a medical team and provide safe patient care.  The PGYP West Region reflected on leadership during their icebreaker by sharing one leadership skill they felt they had and another skill they wished to further develop.  Dr. Lisa Witherite-Rieg shared a list of “17 Hard Things You Have to Do to be a Great Leader” as a reminder that being a leader can be difficult but it can also provide personal fulfillment and satisfaction.  Leadership opportunities within POMA, specifically on the board of trustees, committees/task forces and strategic plan work groups, were also discussed.  Kortnee Koziara, DO is the elected resident voting member on the Board and Smit Shah, DO, is the observer resident representative, both from the Central Region.


PGYP Central Region March 2020

The POMA Committee on Professional Guidance – Central Region held a meeting on 24 March 2020. This was a virtual meeting because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which provided to be a very successful format. Two residents, four staff physicians (including President Goldman), and one POMA staff were in attendance. Joseph M.P. Zawisza provided an update of the POMA Board of Trustees including about POMA's new legislative consultant. The group discussed getting involved in their district, as well as opportunities to complete scholarly activity by giving presentations at district meetings. There was discussion about the Wellness Grant Program. Attendees were encouraged to apply next year even if their program has allopathic residents. It was explained that POMA is looking to help all of our osteopathic physicians in training with minimal restrictions.


PGYP East Region March 2020

The POMA Committee on Professional Guidance – East Region held its spring meeting on February 27, 2020 in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Ten residents, 3 physicians and one POMA staff member were in attendance. After brief introductions, the residents shared where they would be for the next academic year – a few were moving on to fellowship programs, a few were finishing their training and starting positions as attendings, and the rest were moving on to the next year in their training.


PGYP West Region March 2020

The POMA Professional Guidance – West Region met for an evening of discussion and dinner 3/4/20. After some time of socializing, the group explored their inner-super hero persona with an ice-breaking activity.

Dr. Battistella informed the group of the activities from the most recent Board of Trustees meeting, including the active and thoughtful participation of resident representative Chris Trumbetta, D.O. in the contracting with a new lobbying partner for POMA. The key issues being addressed in Harrisburg were discussed.

Opportunities for scholarly activity were discussed, including poster presentations, grant availability from the POMA foundation, lecturing opportunities at the district and state levels. It was noted that PGY1 resident Grant Schirmer, D.O. will be lecturing on Friday afternoon at this year’s Clinical Assembly in King of Prussia.


Residents attending gave updates on their program’s wellness activities funded by grants from the POMAF. All were encouraged to continue to apply for those funds and provide POMA with an update on the status of the projects. Attendees were encouraged to write about their experiences for upcoming issues of the POMA newsletter, including “How Are You DOing?” and “DOs DOing More”.

Residents are encouraged to download the POMA APP (if not already done) and use that for quick access to pertinent information, including upcoming events and opportunities. (One resident uploaded the app while at the meeting!)

The 2020 POMA Young Physician Leadership program was discussed with flyers being given to each attendee to share with their programs.

The remainder of the evening was spent networking, discussing career plans, exploring options for outside elective experiences (particularly in aesthetics), discussing local fellowship opportunities, osteopathic recognition of programs, contracting and “signing on” with healthcare systems during residency, state licensure and verification of training from the AOA for unrestricted licenses, upcoming buprenorphine waiver training course (Clarion, May 9).

All were encouraged to continue participation in POMA events on a district and state level and anticipate the next Professional Guidance meeting in September 2020. It was agreed that this location was an outstanding venue for the meeting.


PGYP Central Region December 2019

The Central Region of the Professional Guidance committee held its winter meeting of the year on December 17, 2019 at the POMA Central Office in Harrisburg.  Seven residents/interns, four attendings, and two POMA staff were in attendance.

After a round of introductions, the attendees were encouraged to apply for the POMA Foundation’s scholarships and were informed about POMA’s scholarly activity opportunities available for residents/interns.  The scientific poster day, clinical writing contest, and presentations at local district meetings were all met with enthusiasm.  In addition, a few of the residency programs who were awarded grant money from the Physician Wellness Committee provided overviews of their upcoming projects.

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