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POMA’s Committee on Physician Wellness is committed to encouraging osteopathic family mental health/well-being through focused activities sponsored and supported by POMA and the POMA Foundation. Our goal is to start the conversation and open dialogue regarding personal well-being in all levels of the osteopathic profession from students to attending physicians.

Over the last three years, the Committee has sponsored wellness events for residents across the Commonwealth with funding provided by the POMA Foundation.  Grants for the 2019-20 academic year have already been awarded - click here to view this year's recipients.  Project summaries will be published as we receive the recaps. The extension for events to be completed is December 31, 2020.

You may apply for 2020-2021 Grant Funding using the link below.

Timeline Activities:
Submit Grant Proposal Due - November 1, 2020
Expect Grant Notification - December 15, 2020
Program/Project Time Frame - January 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021
Results/Outcome Report and Survey Responses - Not less than two 2Weeks following program completion.

Recaps of the Resident Wellness Events completed in the 2018-19 academic year are showcased below.

Academic Year 2018-19 Wellness Event Summaries

PCOM Orthopedic Residency Softball League

PCOM's orthopedic surgery residency has a long-rooted history of hard work, dedication, and diversity. As one of the larger osteopathic orthopedic residency programs, getting to know one another outside of the hospital can be an arduous task. Complicating matters even further is the volume of hospitals that we provide coverage for; this makes it difficult to find time that we are all in the same place and able to talk about things other than fractures and dislocations. PCOM orthopedics is a program with 30 residents from many different backgrounds, geographic locations, and interests both inside and outside of the hospital. Some of us are Philly locals, while some have just moved here. Some of us have our own families, while some of us live alone.


Suburban Community Hospital Resident Wellness Garden

Public health studies have shown that community gardens have improved outcomes in patients and families. Using evidence-grounded designWellness garden theory, gardens serve to increase individuals’ engagement in nature which can lead to stress reduction. Although this phenomenon has been documented, its effect on medical residents and medical professionals in general has been understudied. Suburban Community Hospital Intern class decided to study it first-hand.

Over a weekend this past May, residents and attending physicians were invited to help in building the wellness garden. An area behind the hospital was designated as the area suitable for the garden. Funds from the grant were used to purchase soil, plants, and other materials to build the garden.


The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education: Lackawanna FM Wellness Day 2018

Wright Center-Shawnee Inn

On Wednesday, June 27th, 2018, the Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education participated in Lackawanna FM Wellness Day 2018 at the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort in Shawnee on Delaware, PA. The purpose of the program was to allow us some time outside of work to de-stress and practice wellness. Since we're always getting on our patients to practice self-care, it seemed like a little bit of "practice what you preach" in giving us dedicated time to do some mental, physical, and social activities and take care of ourselves a little bit.


PCOM Internal Medicine Residents - Bowling Night

On, Thursday, December 14, 2018,The Internal Medicine Residents, together with Faculty and Administrative staff, participated in an evening PCOM Internal Medicine Residentsof fun, food and bowling at Revolutions bowling alley.  The entire group was divided into teams consisting of an Intern, a 2nd and 3rd year resident and a Faculty member who then competed for highest bowling scores.  Winners were awarded “gold” medals and gained bragging rights for the next year.


Meadville Medical Center - Escape Room

On April 4, 2018, the Meadville Medical Center engaged in an escape room experience where we worked together to find the clues to effect our escape from the brig of the Flagship Niagara. We escaped (almost) by employing our sleuthing and teamwork skills and having a fun day together. Throughout the activity we demonstrated teamwork, communication, problem-solving, patience, and mental stimulation.

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