Scream until [the child] feels better-A parenting tactic employed by those raising toddlers (or teenagers).

Scream until you feel better-An anger management tool for those under stress (hopefully not directed at coworkers).

Scream until something good happens...

I had spent countless Saturday hours glued to the TV watching various college games. I remember fondly the pomp and circumstance of the Michigan Men running out of the tunnel to “Hail to the Victors,” University of Florida fans celebrating touchdowns in “The Swamp” with their iconic gator chomp and was envious of the University of Southern California’s song girls and their special uniforms for what appeared to be an annual trip to the Rose Bowl.

I had been attending football games with my family since I was able to walk. Homecoming at Penn State was a tradition, not only to see the Nittany Lions, but to catch up with my mom’s sorority sisters and their families. There was never a doubt in mind where I would prefer to attend college, nor whether or not I would apply to the student lottery for Penn State student football tickets.  The experience of attending my first college football game as an undergraduate is one that I’ll never forget. The electricity buzzing through the student section combined with the fanatical alumni makes the game day atmosphere all that more daunting and the ability to ‘determine when the other team hears the snap.’ The opportunity to be a ‘difference maker’ during the game was an electric, addicting adrenaline rush.

Scream until someone listens...

I grew up in the era of the Grand Experiment and Joe Paterno- regardless of your feelings towards Penn State- the steam roll of enthusiasm for the football team, the institution and the foundation of my life came to a grinding halt. At that time, I had just graduated, was entering my first year of medical school and needed something to grasp on to when I couldn’t stare at the fine type of my pathology book anymore.

My exuberant display of love for my alma mater was scorned in public and it embarrasses me to utter this on paper, but I thought about rooting for an entirely different team from a different state. My passion for my university, my current and future alumni base would not go unnoticed. Unbeknownst to me, it didn’t go unnoticed by other alumni either.

Scream until you feel you are making a difference...

My persistence/love for Penn State was noticed by the president of the Kinesiology alumni society at Penn State. I joined the alumni group, became active, became vice-president, became president, and am now just realizing the amazing opportunities that I had because of being an alumni in a leadership role. I learned how to lead, how to listen and most importantly how to teach; how to teach my patients about their diseases, their medicines, how to deal with difficult news and how to teach residents to do the same.

Take a deep breath when it all comes full circle.

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