LECOM Millcreek Transition Year - Escape Room 05.31.22

LECOM Millcreek Hospital Transition year residents tried their hand at teamwork and puzzle solving with an escape room adventure... 


   ...on May 31st. The group managed to escape just in time and allowed their resident director to exit as well. It was a great night of fun, relaxation and comradery.   

Results/Outcome Survey
1. What was the general understanding of the purpose of the project/program by participants?

That this was a wellness event sponsored by POMA/POMA Foundation to strengthen team building skills and to promote fellowship among the residents.

2. During the project/program, what tangible tools or strategies were demonstrated or taught (i.e, coping skills for wellness and life balance)

This activity demanded working as a team to puzzle solve and encouraged timely and clear communication. These skills are transferrable to patient care and to working together in a residency program.

3. What word(s) best describes how you feel when you are experiencing stress or well-being imbalance?

Anxiety, fatigue, apprehension.

4. What suggestions do you have to increase the probability of success for the project/program for other institutions?

All participants appreciated the opportunity to get together and to work as a team in this fun atmosphere. We had a few residents who did not attend, so my biggest suggestion would be to make sure residents are engaged with the idea of participating. Scheduling in middle of week was not the best decision. We did consult the residents prior to the event to see what would work best…..

5. What do you intend to do, upon returning to work, that you learned and practiced during the activity, that will improve your response to stressful situations?

Be sure to lean on fellow residents—working as a team lightens the workload. Communicate clearly and in a timely way.