Lehigh Valley Health Network Cardiology Fellowship  - Escape Room and Thai Dinner 6.15.22

Our LVHN Cardiology Fellowship had our POMA Physician Wellness Event yesterday: Wednesday 06/15/22.
We had an amazing time and lot of fun at the Captured LV Escape Room and Thai Origin dinner...



Thank you (and POMA, especially Dr. Dunay who is the Chair of the POMA Physician Wellness Committee) so much for sponsoring the event with the POMA Physician Wellness Grant!

It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Dolansky as well!  Click here to view the entire album. 

Results/Outcome Survey
1. What was the general understanding of the purpose of the project/program by participants?

Simply to have fun and enjoy each other's company outside the hospital.

2. During the project/program, what tangible tools or strategies were demonstrated or taught (i.e, coping skills for wellness and life balance)

Collaboration and communication during the Escape Room. Camaraderie and conversation during the dinner. 

3. What word(s) best describes how you feel when you are experiencing stress or well-being imbalance?

Apprehensive, Overwhelmed, Inattentive, Forgetful, Sad, Mad, Lonely. 

4. What suggestions do you have to increase the probability of success for the project/program for other institutions?

Program leadership could recommend a wellness evening where residents/fellows are encouraged to participate. 

5. What do you intend to do, upon returning to work, that you learned and practiced during the activity, that will improve your response to stressful situations?

Not being hesitant to ask for help from my colleagues.