Jefferson Northeast Family Medicine Residency - Bowling Night 2022

Jefferson Northeast Family Medicine Resident took some time to relax with an evening of bowling. Though their may have been a few....



... gutter balls, everyone believes the event was a STRIKE!  Click here to see our full story on Instagram. 

Results/Outcome Survey
1. What was the general understanding of the purpose of the project/program by participants?

The general purpose of our wellness event was to bring our family medicine residents and their significant others for a day of wellness! We participated in a local bowling event with lots of good food. We are so thankful to have this opportunity to spend in good fellowship with each other. We learned a great deal about each other, and we really saw each other’s bowling skills!

2. During the project/program, what tangible tools or strategies were demonstrated or taught (i.e, coping skills for wellness and life balance)

Many of us have been working hard in the hospital or at our clinics and we have not had a great amount of time to spend time with each other.

3. What word(s) best describes how you feel when you are experiencing stress or well-being imbalance?

When our work/life balance is off we often feel stressed. We used this event to take out our stress on some bowling balls!

4. What suggestions do you have to increase the probability of success for the project/program for other institutions?

To increase the probability of success is to make sure the event is something that most of the participants want to do or will be excited about. Announce the event early so that busy residents can trying arranging their schedules so that they are able to participate in the events.

5. What do you intend to do, upon returning to work, that you learned and practiced during the activity, that will improve your response to stressful situations?

With the other residents we learned different methods of just being calm, taking a deep breath in difficult situations. We have to learn that when encounter difficult times during our work that we must stop and take a deep breath before encountering certain situations.