The State of Pennsylvania State Government

Written by Executive Vice President, Public Policy and Association Affairs, Andy Sandusky

May 22, 2020

This is anything but a normal year for anyone, and this includes the Pennsylvania General Assembly and Governor Wolf. The impact COVID-19 has had on individuals who have fallen ill to the virus, as well as the mental health, economic security and overall well-being of the population, continues to take its toll. 

Extraordinary steps have been taken by state governments throughout the country to quarantine the population in attempts to thwart the virus. Now, as things progress toward advancing a new normal, there are conflicting opinions on if, when, and where to start lifting restrictions and moving commerce forward. These differing opinions have created a large rift between the Republican controlled General Assembly and the Democratic Governor Wolf.

Governor Wolf is using his powers as the chief executive to slowly open the economy back up, attempting to use county-by-county infection data as the leading indicator on which counties to open.  Meanwhile, back in the legislative districts, legislators are hearing from constituents who have sacrificed to their limits and are demanding answers, requesting better data and questioning how the decisions are being made. This is an election year with a lot at stake, so it should be no surprise that the lines are mainly being drawn between Republicans and Democrats. POMA recognizes it is very difficult to sift through the headlines and make any sense of the situation, because at times, both sides have compelling points of view. POMA is also frustrated by non-physician providers who are using the pandemic to push their own scope of practice political agendas. However, as the state and nation begin to pull together the pieces and start anew, POMA confidently shares with elected officials that its members continue to do what they have always done, which is to treat and care for their patients regardless of political persuasion.

Osteopathic physicians were the backbone of healthcare before this pandemic and will continue to be on the other end.  Thank you for all you DO.