PGYP East Region March 2020

The POMA Committee on Professional Guidance – East Region held its spring meeting on February 27, 2020 in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Ten residents, 3 physicians and one POMA staff member were in attendance. After brief introductions, the residents shared where they would be for the next academic year – a few were moving on to fellowship programs, a few were finishing their training and starting positions as attendings, and the rest were moving on to the next year in their training.

Those who were completing their residency training provided some helpful tips about the fellowship and job interview process based on their own experience. The physician mentors also provided insight from their own involvement in the workforce. The group also discussed the importance of being satisfied with their work life and the ability to change the direction of their professional life. Physicians can change their practice type by being employed or in private practice, they can teach in an academic setting or in residency programs, they can work in the insurance industry – the possibilities are endless. Finding a mentor or a few mentors can help immensely in this process. The Resident Leadership Program was highlighted as a place to begin thinking about life after residency and to form some of those mentor relationships. The program will be held on Thursday, April 30 during the POMA Clinical Assembly. All residents are encouraged to attend and bring along a colleague or two. Opportunities within POMA were also referenced as a way to get involved and develop mentor relationships. Residents can serve on the board of trustees, as representatives to the House of Delegates, and on committees. Nancy Xia, DO is the resident trustee from the East Region; Andrea DeSimone, DO is the regional delegate to the House; and Joseph Moran, DO is the regional alternate delegate to the House. A call for committee volunteers will be announced in March – please watch for it and sign up. With this being the last meeting for the academic year, the residents expressed their appreciation to POMA and the physician mentors for hosting the meetings and devoting their time and energy to the group.