District 3 Recap - November 7, 2018

District 3 November 2019 Event

A rainy night in Allentown didn’t dissuade the local POMA District 3 members from coming together for a wonderful dinner at BRAVO. Over twenty POMA members from residents to retired physicians gathered for networking, comradery, and updates from their professional association.  The group was treated to product theater presentation on a new treatment for spinal stenosis in Medicare patients. The minimally evasive procedure, by Vertiflex, relieves chronic back pain.

Rehab Tabchi, DO, District 3 chair and Jason Leeper, POMA Program Manager/Districts led a discussion around numerous POMA topics. Physicians discussed state supreme court rulings, new legislations and regulatory issues. The group strongly discussed senate bill 675, limiting the use of buprenorphine, and the PA supreme court ruling on professional liability. The physicians also discussed the happenings at the recent meeting of the State Board of Osteopathic Medicine and the single accreditation system that begins in 2020.

The district leadership is starting to organize upcoming events that will be sponsored by POMA, and leadership is organizing upcoming business meeting that will include CME credit. Dr. Tabchi took volunteers from the members attending and currently is organizing a CME event in December on regenerative medicine. More information will be available soon.  If you are interested in presenting at a district meeting, please contact Dr. Tabchi or Jason Leeper at [email protected].

District leadership is pursuing ideas for district social events. The events are designed to include family members in a fun atmosphere. Last year, District 3 leadership organized an event at the PPL center in Allentown. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please contact district leadership or the POMA offices.