PGYP Central Region September 2019

PYGP Central

The POMA Committee on Professional Guidance – Central Region held its first meeting of the year on 17 September 2019, at the POMA Central Office in Harrisburg. We started with a discussion of what POMA is, how it is structured, and the role that residents, interns, and students serve within the organization. We talked about getting involved in your local district and an invitation was made to all present to attend a local district meeting with their peers. There was an update about the Board of Trustees and POFPS.

Wellness initiatives and activities POMA does to help resident and interns were naturally the focus of the meeting. We talked about Scholarly Activity opportunities such as poster presentations or giving talks at district meetings. We discussed Resident Wellness Event Grants and all present were
encouraged to have their programs apply, and also for scholarships. Those present were asked to consider writing a How Are You DOing? article or encouraging their friends to write one, as well as articles for DOs DOing More.

There was much discussion about the Young Physician Leadership Program to be held in April 2020 at the Annual Convention. Topic ideas were: how to identify a good recruiter, knowing what you’re worth in the professional market, CME requirements, coding and billing instruction, and understanding the scope of practice of other professionals you may work with (eg, DO/MD, CRNP, PA, RN, LPN, MA).

The group also asked about giving CME credit for attending the program so they could use a CME day to attend rather than a vacation day. Additionally, they asked that we advocate for mandatory retreat days for all training programs each year. There was much discussion about what is going in in different programs, and many questions which were generally answered on the spot. Those present were asked to meet with their programs to disseminate information they learned and to gather questions from their colleagues for future meetings. I also asked that they talk to their program directors and ODMEs to invite us to their institutions to talk about what POMA can do for them. This seemed to spark a lot of interest.

Future meetings will be 17 December 2019, and 24 March 2020, in Harrisburg.