POMA is Busy Protecting and Promoting DOs in Harrisburg

Written by Executive Vice President, Public Policy and Association Affairs, Andy Sandusky

June 7, 2019 

The Pennsylvania General Assembly came out of the gates running as multiple Committees conducted business and moved legislation dealing with healthcare issues POMA is either involved in or monitoring closely.

POMA started Monday of this week by sending an email to DOs throughout the state asking them to get involved and write their Senator to oppose Senate Bill 25, which would provide independent medical practice for CRNPs. It is possible the full Senate could vote the bill as soon as next week, mounting pressure on the House to do something on the bill. POMA is working hard on the Hill to stave off this effort.

POMA is also engaged on legislation Senate Bill 699 that would permit a designee to electronically file for physicians and physician assistants who are in written practice agreements. This is needed because July 1, the state licensing system is only accepting material online and the law does not permit a designee to make the necessary inputs online. While the substance of the bill was not a major concern, POMA has expressed an issue with amending the Osteopathic Medical Practice Act and fears the bill could be subject to bad amendments. POMA has secured the support of the prime sponsor to run his bill clean and without unrelated amendments. POMA will remain vigilant this remains the true.

Finally, POMA supports House Bill 783 which would establish the Infant CPR and Choking Education and Prevention Program. The bill passed the House this week and heads to the Senate. POMA will work hard to ensure this is the case.