PGYP Central Region March 2019

PGYP Central Region March 2019

The Central Region of the POMA Committee on Professional Guidance met March 26 in Harrisburg.  Many residents and interns from the area met to discuss issues important to them, both within their programs as well as at a state and national level. 

Because of the success of an OMT demonstration at our last meeting, and at the request of attendees, another OMT presentation was given for respiratory issues in pediatric patients.  Techniques were selected for their ability to be done in a timely fashion during the busy day of residents, interns, and practicing physicians.  There was a lively discussion of other techniques that can be done and the unique way that we can help patients as DOs. 

Several attendees will be attending the upcoming Annual Convention and the concurrent Young Physician Leadership Forum, and all were encouraged to attend along with others from their training institutions. 

Leadership from Districts 5 and 11 were on hand to talk to residents and interns about getting involved in their district now, especially with social events that will be going on.  And all were encouraged to have their programs apply for the Mental Health Task Force Wellness Grants that are available, and attendees talked about some of the things that they have already done with these grants in their programs. 

The future leadership of POMA is very exciting!