District 14 Recap - December 20, 2018

Doctors hear a wide range of stories from patients about their health. Sometimes the “stories” are reasons a patient didn’t complete their treatment plan— “I didn’t finish it because reason A or B happened.” Other times the stories are works of fiction that don’t add up with the numbers that come back from tests. These “stories” often hinder results so physicians are always hoping to find ways of helping a patient develop more personal responsibility and control that will assist patients and doctors see better results. 

POMA members met in Newtown on Thursday, December 20th and discussed a patient’s personal responsibility along with various new treatments and devices to give a patient more control and minimize excuses, specifically around their diabetes management.  Various demo devices were on hand for doctors to examine and critique.

Additionally, Diana Ewert, POMA CEO, updated the group on the continuing enhancement of POMA membership benefits.  The upcoming technology and communications enhancements, the development of a public policy department, and community outreach.  The next meeting will be on January 16th in Langhorne.