District 3 Recap - September 18, 2018

District 3 September Meeting

Always check the feet! Even if the patient doesn’t want you to, you find a way. The feet are strong indicators of diabetic symptoms and complications. This useful tip was delivered by Rehab Tabchi, DO, District Chair of POMA District 3 during a one-hour CME event in Orefield on September 18th.

Providers must continue to educate their patients on how to take control of their own health and care management. The patients must understand activeness, nutrition, environment, and social support systems all affect the patient’s health and diabetes risk.

District 3 members strategized how to continue to educate both the at-risk and affected patients’ populations.  A proposed strategy was 'don’t consider a patient a diabetic but consider them a patient with diabetes.' The patient could feel more control over the diagnosis and treatment options. A patient who feels control is more likely to follow a care management plan. Ultimately, the members agreed, the patient handles the situation the way the patient desires.

After the one-hour CME, the group was treated to a product theater by Gregory Barrone, DO representing Novo Nordisk. The POMA business meeting concluded the evening. The members discussed the license renewal process, upcoming CME events, developments at the AOA, and upcoming district events. The members in attendance are looking forward to the next event.