On the Horizon
Written by Legislative Consultant, Bruce Hironimus

Two months remain before General Election Day. Vigorous campaigning continues in the Governor’s race, and state Senate and House of Representative seats. The state House has eight scheduled voting session days, the state Senate has nine voting days on the calendar. The POMA government affairs consultant will continue to closely monitor any consideration on priority legislation including the certified nurse practitioner scope of practice; SB 25 and HB 100.

The House of Representatives Professional Licensure Committee will hold a public hearing on September 12 on Senate Bill 780 which would establish reimbursement parameters for the practice of telemedicine. POMA has previously expressed support for the legislation. Expectations are for a vote to occur on the bill before the General Assembly final adjournment.

Senate staff are continuing to review and analyze Senate Bill 1074 which amends the Osteopathic Medical Practice Act allowing genetic counselors to order medical tests. POMA continues to express concerns and opposition to the current language. Additional staff meetings are forecast later in the month.