Oppose CRNP independent licensure, House Bill 100, Senate Bill 25

We ask you to reach out to your legislator when they are in their respective district over the course of the next few weeks. Elected officials are more available and receptive to contact from their constituents in the districts. Express your opposition (in person is best or by telephone, AND in writing) on this issue relative to CRNP Legislation (HB 100, SB 25). POMA has emailed and sent a hard copy of our opposition letter to all House members in advance of your contact. Your one-on-one interaction is our most effective tool to influence this issue.

POMA has been at the forefront of keeping non-physician clinicians from expanding their scope of practice independent of physician supervision. POMA supports a team approach to healthcare with the physician as the team leader. Your patients deserve the level of care and oversight provided by a physician and non-physician clinicians who collaboratively consult with physicians. Here are the salient points to make:

  • POMA recognizes that non-physician clinicians have an appropriate role in delivering healthcare – when supervised – as the depth and the breadth of their education and training does not sufficiently prepare them for the wide array of challenges that regularly confront the independent practitioner;
  • Safety is first and foremost, especially when patients have chronic and complex conditions;
  • Technology advances are enhancing communication and availability for physician consultation.

Ask the legislator to express their to opposition on HB 100 and SB 25 to the respective chairs of the House Professional Licensure Committee, Representatives Mustio and Readshaw AND to their House Leaders. End the conversation by indicating you are willing to serve as a resource and provide your contact information.

Here are some helpful tips for your contact:

  • Identify yourself as a constituent with full name and address;
  • Be patient, any number of people might initially answer;
  • Identify the issue you wish to discuss;
  • Your tone should be respectful and offer to answer any questions;
  • Treat the legislator’s or staff member’s time with value and thank them for taking the time to discuss the issue.

For those of you attending the upcoming POMA Clinical Assembly in Valley Forge, we will have an advocacy station in the POMA booth to assist you in preparing a handwritten note.

Please follow-up with Bruce Hironimus at [email protected] or 717-645-1380