HB 100, SB 25 - Independent Practice for Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners
Written by Legislative Consultant, Bruce Hironimus


UPDATE April 17, 2018

The CRNP's held a rally with legislator visits today. POMA was at the capitol with our own press release and talking points. Here is a link that release. CLICK HERE TO READ RELEASE

April 6, 2018

Efforts by the CRNPs are continuing in an effort to advance consideration of House Bill 100 currently before the House Professional Licensure Committee. Their ongoing efforts are to persuade rank and file members to push leadership to consider the proposal. House leadership has communicated to POMA and other stakeholders to assess the possibilities of formulating amendatory language to the proposal. The nurse practitioners will hold their annual Main Capitol rally on April 17, 2018 at 11:30 am.

The House Professional Licensure Committee will conduct an April 18th public hearing on House Bill 789, which amends the Medical Practice Act regarding the provision and supervision of anesthesia.

The House will recess on April 18 for two weeks and return on April 30 for three days of session before the extended Primary Election Recess and their scheduled return on May 22. The State Senate returns on April 16 for three weeks before the election recess. Fundraising activity is spiking in advance of the upcoming May 15th Primary Election.