Senate, House and Governor Negotiations Break Down, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners — SB 25; HB 100, Physician Assistants — SB 896; Highmark Code Changes
Written by Legislative Consultant, Bruce Hironimus


October 5, 2017

The Senate, House and Governor’s negotiations broke down on a revenue package to support the previously enacted spending plan for 2017-18. Separately, work continues on the three supporting omnibus code vehicles; fiscal, administrative and human services; to establish policy and implementation guidelines for the state budget. These pieces of code legislation can be aircraft carriers as they are the essential tools of governing. As such, they provide opportunities for mischief and bear close attention throughout every minute of the negotiations. The House and Senate sent an unacceptable version of the Human Services Code, HB 59, to the Governor who is expected to certainly veto the measure. Negotiations on these issues will continue. The full House returns on October 16 while the Senate is in recess to the call of the President Pro Tempore.

Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners — SB 25, HB 100 Both bills remain holding in place in the House Professional Licensure Committee. The Committee Chairman, Rep. Mark Mustio (R-Allegheny), has continued to express an interest in learning about collaborative agreements before considering any formal action on the bills. POMA is continuing to prepare background information and documentation to assist the House Committee in their ongoing review.

Physician Assistants — SB 896 This bill was introduced last week and referred to the Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee. Initial meetings with the sponsor, co-sponsors and committee staff have been held this week to ensure POMA will have ample opportunity to establish and assert our position.

Highmark Code Changes Interest in this subject has been stimulated in the legislature and assistance in future discussions with Highmark will be forthcoming from key members.